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Good Life Landscaping incorporates a customer focused approach to combine our industry skill and knowledge with the individual needs of various properties and clients. From the beginning of a relationship, we strive to make the landscape experience just that; an experience. Client input is welcome and encouraged so we can refine a unique project to fit your individual style.


Good Life Landscaping owner Demian Scott has experience designing the “whole picture” installation since 2001. The process starts with evaluating the needs and resources of the client and property. Once we’ve established purposeful additions, we can conceptualize ideas of how to incorporate them into the constraints of physical space, material availability and budget.

Throughout the next few communications, we will present estimates to display material options and volumes and impact on labor costs to suit your budgetary needs.

At the point that you are informed and comfortable with the scope of work and allocation of resources, we then sign a bid contract and get to work.

During installation, Good Life Landscaping is flexible to address site-specific conditions and takes pride in daily tidying, safety, and evaluation of your project.




Key Benefits of Design and Installation

Good Life Landscaping will consult, design, and guide you through a competent landscape project from design through implementation stages.

  Efficiencies gained through design and installation by the same company
  Local knowledge of Central Oregon plant, stone, and irrigation practices
  Product and labor sourced locally to keep our economy strong
  Projects installed to our own high standards. We take pride in your product