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We Are Good Life Landscaping

Good Life Landscaping was created in 2010 to promote an emphasis on regionally appropriate plantings, water-wise irrigation and sustainability. Since it’s inception, Good Life Landscaping has credited its success to owner Demian Scott’s artistic implementation of materials, experience and knowledge of plants and irrigation systems, and a personable yet frank style of communicating with clients.


Ambitious and eager, I jumped into my career as a tradesman in 1999. Landscaping. Good times indeed. An interesting confluence of office hours, gym time, dirt, and sweat. Not a job, but an opportunity to develop and refine my strength and ability with hand tools. “A peculiar ambition”, some might say. Earnestly, the movement and mechanism by which a rake, pick, or shovel most efficiently performs work, is admirable. In step with my growing athleticism, my mind craved development. Possibly due to the daily banter of the other roughnecks, trees and plants were becoming more and more interesting. “Irrigation Design and Basic Hydraulics” was my idea of a good read.

Perpetually amused and enthralled by the knowledge and skills of others, I found plenty of mentors in business owners, clients, and co-workers. I became observant, and critical, of landscape installations. Art and education I hold in the highest regard. I believe those abilities are validated by sharing them with others. Landscaping captivates me because of the diverse array of disciplines it entails. I create art. Physical, functional art that lives, breaths, and grows. Call it work. Call it a job. I fancy it to be a good life. Landscaping.


  Landscape Contracting Business – State of Oregon OLCB # 8968
  Landscape Construction Professional – State of Oregon OLCB #15365
 Member – Oregon Landscape Contractors Association

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