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As a landscape matures, plants and trees need occasional pruning corrections to stimulate growth habit and performance. Reigning in unkempt growth will allow healthier foliage, blooms, and fruiting of plant material that has outcompeted itself or neighboring plantings. Good Life Landscaping can help by evaluating and correcting the light, water, and soil needs to update your existing plantings and provide for their dynamic and individual environmental needs through the years.


Sometimes your regular yard maintenance company falls short of the ability or desire to address needs beyond their usual scope of work. Good Life Landscaping often receives and services requests to update existing residential landscapes. We can consult, recommend, and perform the appropriate course of action to rehabilitate old and unsightly plant material, lawn failures, and irrigation shortcomings.


Mature plantings can become unsightly from years of pruning with hedge shears. This non-native type of pruning technique creates a mass of dead stalks at the center of plantings and 'brooms' the new growth into dense buds and foliage competing for light. Good Life Landscaping takes a different approach to pruning than just maintenance haircuts. We prune plants from the inside out, eliminate low and splayed out branches, and address water and fertilizer shortcomings.

Good Life Landscaping Bend Yard Clean-up and Pruning


Key Benefits of Pruning & Clean-ups

Landscape maintenance tasks and updates can occasionally compound beyond what you or your maintenance company can deal with. Good Life Landscaping can help rehabilitate your plantings, turf, irrigation, erosion and other landscape shortcomings.

  Evaluation and consulting on a course of action to improve your existing landscape
  Good Life Landscaping has knowledge and strategies for formative or rejuvenational pruning of your plantings
  Irrigation and soil enhancements help correct unseen environmental stressors of your plantings and turf
  A thorough cleanup of aged plantings, eroding borders, mulch, and weeds will give a new tidy zest and definition to your outdoor living space