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Good Life Landscaping designs and installs irrigation according to industry standards with commercial grade components to ensure the functionality and longevity of your system.

Low volume irrigation, drip systems and micro sprays are very effective mechanisms to grow and mature regionally appropriate plantings. Other water-wise practices include cultivating living soil; rich in texture, nutrients and moisture retention. Mulching the surface helps moderate temperature and moisture fluctuations.


The primary components of your new irrigation rely on a few foundational pieces to comply with regional industry practices.

Backflow prevention device: Protects your domestic water supply and that of the community from any potential yard or fertilizer contaminants.

Controller: Automates the operation of your irrigation system to ensure that the water needs of your plantings are met without excessive water usage.

Valve box: Distributes water to different zones of irrigation one zone at a time. This allows for your available water pressure and volume to be utilized for varying segments of your yard based on differing water needs.

Zones: Rotors, fixed arc, micro spray nozzles and drip systems are varying ways to distribute the right amount of water to the right places; minimizing waste.


Good Life Landscaping has the expertise to troubleshoot and evaluate a course of action to rehabilitate your existing irrigation. Outdated and poorly designed or installed systems can be a nightmare. Fortunately, systems can be modified or upgraded often at a reduced cost and with less disturbance than a new install.


Common irrigation shortcomings don't always show themselves by gushers and geysers (even these can be overlooked when scheduled run times are too early for faults to be observed). Sometimes poor plant and lawn performance can be indicative of irrigation faults. Good Life Landscaping can take action to discover and solve existing irrigation faults and shortcomings with an irrigation system audit.


Drainage systems are important to keep our water runoff from non-permeable surfaces under control. We believe water management is a community responsibility both in irrigation and storm water mitigation practices. We can address drainage issues with conveyance and containment via drains, bioswales and retention wells to help keep our storm drains and waterways healthy for the benefit of our neighbors and ecology.

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Key Benefits of Irrigation

In the High Desert, irrigation is necessary to establish and mature new plant material. Beyond the first 3-5 years, it will continue to aid your plantings with an environmental advantage that perpetuates performance and beauty.

  Maximize the optimization of your irrigation system by watering the right amount in the right places
  Good Life Landscaping owner Demian Scott has over 20 years experience designing, installing, and rehabilitating irrigation systems
  Outdated or poorly performing irrigation can be evaluated and updated to enhance performance and water efficiency