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Water features in a landscape deliver an element of nature to your outdoor living space. The cooling effect of seeing and hearing water in motion delights the senses beyond what the visual effect of plants and stone offer. Low maintenance and water efficiency are key to a successful design and installation.


Pondless water features are simple and affordable additions that deliver the sound of a babbling brook and still command the attention of an artsy focal point. Pondless water features disguise the in-ground reservoir of water with stones to give the appearance of water flowing into a bed of rock. The lack of an open pool of water keeps maintenance issues low and discourages algae, unwanted insects, and debris. Whether subtle or elaborate, the beauty of natural stone in and around your water feature can be enjoyed throughout the year.


As aesthetic and functional considerations, wood structures are unsurpassable as smart landscape additions. Dog or deer fences, privacy panels, arbors, decks, timber walls and stairs all serve the multifaceted benefits of function and form. Raised garden beds, trellises, and pergolas are the foundation for years of gardening and vertical growing enjoyment.


Good Life Landscaping is licensed and experienced to install secure structures that withstand the rigors of outdoor exposure and human use. Wood products such as juniper, redwood, and cedar are selected for ground contact and exposure sustainability without introducing unnecessary toxins into the environment. We believe that wood structures should be designed and built to showcase the beauty of natural wood and the craftsmanship devoted to their assembly.

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Key Benefits of Water Features & Wood Structures

These elements add a premier finish to your landscape project. Beautifully crafted wood and water installations further the enjoyment of your outdoor living space, add value to your property, and make for a fun conversation piece with your friends and neighbors.

  Wood, water, plants, and stone reflect the beauty found in nature and create function and form in your landscape
  Good life Landscaping builds water features and wood structures with an emphasis on artistic, unique placement and construction
  As always, we take pride in our product and achieve a high degree of durability to minimize future maintenance or defects