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Do you provide yard maintenance services?
We don’t, but we are happy to perform spring and fall clean-ups that address neglected pruning and edging by typical maintenance companies. It’s also a great time to perform an irrigation audit to evaluate and correct faults that my be affecting lawn or plant performance.

Why isn't my lawn performing well?
In the high desert, lawns are dependent on appropriate irrigation, fertilization and soil structure to perform well. We install lawns with all of these things in consideration. Your existing lawn can perform better with our irrigation evaluation.

What is xeriscaping and do I need it?
Xeriscape is a style of landscape design requiring little or no irrigation or other maintenance, used in arid regions. There are many benefits to reducing your water consumption dependence in your landscape. We would be glad to explain our xeriscape practices that would suit your individual situation.

When is the best time to plant?
Spring and early fall are the best times to plant. At this time of year, it is easiest for plants to recover from the stresses that accompany planting. In addition, they will be easier to establish because they will not require as much water as those planted during summer. Even though fall is a great time to plant, planting may be done throughout the year. In fact, even in the hottest months plants will thrive with proper care. However, they will have to be carefully watched and watered often.

Do I need to hire a landscape architect?
Not necessarily. Although we are happy to install work with designs by landscape architects, Good Life Landscaping has 20 years of experience designing creative landscapes that encompass both form and function.

How long does mulch last?
In most cases, mulch lasts one to two years. In general because we reside in an arid climate mulch isn’t exposed to a moist environment such as the west side of the mountains which results in longer performance. Some people choose to replenish their mulch more often for aesthetic reasons while others replenish less frequently. Your ideal frequency will vary based on the sun exposure, shade, erosion, breakdown, and thickness of your area.

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