You should always check with your local water provider to ensure you're watering on the correct days.

For us living in Central Oregon, the three main water companies are:

It's a good idea to never water turf in the evening, especially during the warmer months, as this will increase turf disease pressure on your lawn. Leaving the turf damp all night, along with warm temperatures, is the perfect breeding ground for turf fungus to occur. It’s also not good practice to set your irrigation system to come on daily, as that is too much.

It is best to water deeply, but infrequently. About 2-3 times per week should be fine in June, before we get into our typical hot and dry weather pattern later this summer. Set your irrigation system to come on very early in the morning and have it be completed by sunup. There are other reasons why early morning irrigation is preferable. By watering in the early morning hours before the sun comes up and the winds increase, more of the irrigation water gets into the soil and is not blown away or evaporated away from the hot sun. Then after completing your watering, the sun will help dry out the moisture on the leaf blades quickly, which helps in turf disease prevention.